Affirm Your POWER

Madison Hubbell

Posted on November 30 2017

The more you all get to know me through these blog posts, the more you will see what practices I use in my personal life to be my most positive and mindful self.

For the past year I have been reading affirmation cards to help myself gain more self-love as well as more guidance on how I can approach different people and situations in my life.

Affirmation cards do not tell the future or have any negative energy about them. They are simply uplifting messages to remind you on how to be the best possible human you can be. I believe they have given me a new outlook on life as well as comfort knowing that I can guide myself through life with positive messages to live by.

My most favorite card that I recently pulled was the card of POWER. This card personally resonates with me so much as I am on a journey of self-discovery and self-love. Here is the message that the card portrays (I would love to give credit to the creator but because I found this deck in a second-hand store it is unknown. Wherever you are thank you and your words are yours only, not mine) :

"POWER. Remember that your essence is divine, therefore, do not let anyone denigrate you. When you are totally calm and at peace, you are powerful, since no one can bother or influence you. Your angelic orientation is that you find your center still and silent, to then heal your anger, purify your emotions, trust your own judgement and make your own decisions. Taking responsibility for your life is good for your spiritual growth, so stand up and be strong. True power is based on inner strength, self-worth, and trust. Claim your power today. AFFIRMATION: I am serene, I am powerful, and I trust."

What you take away from the card is truly what you need. Your interpretation is very important because the parts that resonate with you the most are usually the parts that you need to implement into your life. I would like to share with all of you my reiteration of this lovely and empowering message.

As beings born with positive intentions we cannot let other peoples views on us bring us down or define us. Not letting these outer opinions and identities affect how we view ourselves is what makes us powerful. Taking steps like meditation or listening to high vibrational music can help bring us to a calmer state of mind and can let us work out any inner-conflict we hold onto. Being truthful about what we believe in and how we want to live our life is what gives us power. Trusting that you have every tool you need to be a self-sufficient and a self-loving human being can be the key to giving our self true power. Whenever I am feeling weak or that I am lacking wisdom I will say to myself "I am serene, I am powerful, and I trust."

I really hope that sharing this makes you smile and makes you feel the self-love that resides inside of you. We are all very powerful beings and we can forget that so easily by being consumed with the outside world. Its time to take a break from the outer and take a moment to focus on your inner world:)

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  • Ally: December 01, 2017

    Can completely relate to trying to be positive and knowing there will always be someone trying to bring you down. All we can do is try and overcome those negative vibes and always be ones self.

  • Jessica: December 01, 2017

    I love it!!

  • Katie : December 01, 2017

    Much needed! ????

  • Mackenzie : December 01, 2017

    Omg this was perfect!

  • Ally : December 01, 2017

    Love this! So empowering, thanks so much for sharing!

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