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Flynn Gniadek

Posted on September 24 2017

Do you have a passion for raising awareness about film, mental health, and leadership? Then listen up Swim Sznrs, I have an important mission for you! This week, I wanted to shed a light on a really amazing project that's happening right in Wilmington, NC that covers all of these important concepts that YOU can help with!

Drought is feature film that was written and will be produced, as well as directed, by my talented cousin, Hannah Black, and her friend/partner, Megan Petersen. This film is about a high school graduate that is left to take care of her brother, who has Asperger's and an obsession for storm chasing! Note that it takes place during 1993 and the south is facing a terrible drought. (More info about the film is on the link below)

Why should you help? Well here is where you passion kicks in. This team is all about getting the film industry back into Wilmington, raising awareness about the Autism Spectrum, and proving how powerful and influential female leadership is and is needed in our world! In order to send these messages to everyone through this creative film, Drought needs 5000 followers and $24000 by October 11th, as well as be in the top 10 films, in order to be pitched to the Duplass Brothers so that it can be made into a reality! If they make it in the top 10 films, they will be able to pitch this film to Netflix and HBO! Amazing right?!

So how can you contribute? Follow Drought on so you can help increase their follower count, as well as contribute to them! It's so simple! If you want to help support these two girls, help their dream become a reality!

Follow, donate, and spread the word to your friends and families! Help this film achieve their goals, help a community, and spread awareness, my loves! The links to follow and contribute to are below.


For following and contributing, go to:

For Updates from the Drought team, go to:





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