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June 04, 2018

Aloha Swim Szn Readers,

Lets have some fun today!

It is so important to find the joy and fun in all aspects of our lives because it is what can make us our happiest and highest self. Having fun is very simple but as most people grow up they tend to feel as if there is "no time for fun." How can this be? If we can find time to stress about the little things in life we should most definitely be able find time to have fun with the little things in life. Now there is a difference in having fun and procrastinating which I believe is where people start thinking they do not have time to have fun. Procrastinating is doing something, possibly fun, that you did not plan on doing that day in place of doing something you were planning on doing. Having fun is when you plan on doing a fun activity to bring joy into your life and it would not effect any other part of your day.

I want to differentiate between procrastination and having fun because personally that is something I have a hard time dealing with. For example, I planned on writing this blog post yesterday but instead I went on a adventure and thought "I will do it tomorrow because I am choosing to do more fun activity." See where I went wrong here? I did not plan the fun adventure into my day which kept me from doing what I committed to prior. Now my example is very minuscule but if we were thinking of a larger scale this could become a habit or pattern and can really throw someone off track.

When fun is planned into our day we then never have an excuse of not getting time to fit it in. Also when you incorporate something fun into your life every day you not only create a new positive habit but you then will always be able to find joy in life. 

How amazing does that sound? Having fun and finding joy in your life everyday. A dream come true? Well it should just be thought of as our reality in my opinion. 

I was able to find time to have fun through my practice of self love. My self love practice began with affirmation cards. These are cards that have positive messages on them and give you an affirmation to keep in mind throughout your day or week or whatever situation you find yourself in.

What I wanted to do today was pick an affirmation card to share with you all so you can make positive changes in your life. The card I picked today (at random) was the card Fun. I want to share what the card says with you all and my reiteration of it. First I want to note that you will have a different interpretation of the card than I do and that is OK. Second thing I want to make note of is that whatever message you pick up on or stands out, is most likely exactly what you need to hear.


Your truest-self is that you take some time to have fun. Relax and find your sense of humor. Treat things lightly. Fun brings lightness to the end, and the most difficult situation can be relieved if you see the funny side of things, so cultivate a sense of ridicule. How can you incorporate play, laughter and fun into your social life, your relationships, your work life? When you have fun, your truest-self will rejoice because there is nothing it loves more than joy, play, humor and laughter.

Affirmation; I become more soothing and make everything fun."

When having fun becomes a positive habit in our life, we are more open to finding the flow of happiness and joy, no matter what situation we are in.

How do you have fun? What brings you joy? I recommend writing these questions down and making a list of every answer that comes through to you. Tape it on your wall some where you will always see it. Now you have a reminder of how to fit fun into your day. Write down the affirmation; "I become more soothing and make everything fun" and tape it next to your list. Now you are one step closer to finding the right time to incorporate fun into your daily life.

With all of the distractions and advertisements out there distracting us from our true wants like self-love and joy, it is important to stayed grounded and have fun with it all.

Leave a comment below if you need any clarification on this post! I would really love to connect with my readers<3 



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