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March 17, 2017

 Why hello, Beautiful.

 Our bodies have this crazy way of letting our mind capture our heart and soul. This mind of ours lets us do a full three sixty in a matter seconds, overthinking the absolute extreme, causing our self-love and strength to dissipate beyond control—well, at least we think. As humans it is natural to over think and contemplate things about ourselves, about what should and shouldn’t be. Should my legs actually be this big? This short? This pale? Have this layer of “unacceptable” cellulite Or should they match the essence of a glowing, "flawless" Victoria Secrets model because that’s what society makes it out to be?

 A trend that has been created within today’s society is that you are to only mirror the image that society portrays women and men to be-- but that is when society is wrong. Very wrong. You, beautiful soul, could be lacking your self-confidence, or you easily could not be. You COULD be one of the most confident, sexy individuals to ever step foot on this earth, while others are gazing their eyes upon advice and encouraging words to help them understand why they hate themselves or why their bodies are not good enough in their eyes. There is more to this world than impressing others. Each and every one of us has something beautiful, something unique. It could be big, it could be small, but we are all beautiful humans that were brought to this earth for a reason. YOU have a purpose. I have a purpose. That purpose may not be discovered at this moment in time, but you will discover that purifying joy in your life, that is a promise; until then, confidence and self-love is key, my friend.

Celebrate your strengthsBe proud of what you’ve done. Stop wasting time and focusing on what you haven’t done and spend more time celebrating what good you have done for yourself. For your life. For your happiness. When you find yourself down in the dirtmake a strength recognition list. Fulfill your strength list with things like “I am a kind person”, “I am a hard working individual”, “I am strong”, “I am beautiful”. Remind yourself of positive things about you and your life and why you have every right to live freely as the wonderful, ravishing human being that you are.

Forgive yourself.  A lot of the time, we let the past win us over... but why? Why do we have to be this perfectly normal human being and do normal human things like let the past screw our minds up so badly that it leaves us in bed, binge watching Shameless on Netflix for a week, stuffing our faces with the biggest tub of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream until we’re sick? Why, you ask? Well, because were just human, dammit. Sometimes you just have to stop and think that it is natural to feel the way you’re feeling.  It’s natural to make mistakes. It is natural to have regrets. Past regrets seem to make us put this wall up and don’t allow us to practice self-acceptance. Forgive yourself, give ‘em the bird and move on.  Why waste your precious life, that you are only given once, sitting around and dwelling on what you could have done differently or how you could have prevented this or that from happening. No matter the situation, whether it be that you have done something you wish you could take back, or it be some stupid personality quirk that resulted in social discomfiture. Forgive yourself and move on. Sometimes, we look back and see that the decisions we made, at the time, seemed to be all rainbows, butterflies and perfection, but in reality we conclude that it wasn’t ‘all cracked up’ like we thought it would be and now realize it wasn’t the best decision you’ve ever made but hey, what can you do now—absolutely nothing, that is. Kiss the past goodbye. Take pride in who you are, what you have overcame and what you have learned from it all. Wake up in the morning, make that longed for cup of coffee, toss your hair up and belt out your favorite gangster rap in the mirror until you recognize (hair flip) the imperfectly perfect human being that you are.

Shush your inner criticSome may call it a ‘voice of reason’. Well, I call it the critical little bitch in your head who makes you think it’s the truth. As an author stated once before “Our mistakes and our imperfections are not bad or wrong or failures–they are the fingerprints of humanity and opportunities for learning, healing and growth.” Get that voice out of your head, look into the mirror and tell yourself, I am only human. I am doing the best that I can and that is all I can do.

 Face your fears. The best way to develop self-confidence is to do things that fear you most. If you can face your fears and bring yourself out of that ‘comfort zone’ you like to seclude yourself in, then you too shall find happiness with who you are and will be able to take action with more confidence. Stop creating this division between your mind and the world. The second you become curious and let your walls down, you then realize how big the world really is. This great big world, it just opens up. Opens up right in front of your eyes. You should feel the release of dopamine flow through your veins and grasp the understanding that this is just the beginning. Get out there. Go do exactly what you’ve been wishing/dreaming for! Once you open up and become more enthusiastic and open-minded, you will take less time focusing on the fear you once held onto so closely. Don’t let one or two misjudging occurrences screw you up completely, don’t let that stop you. Never forget, the world is yours. 



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