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More Good News!

Athena Kavis

Posted on January 24 2017

We have some very exciting news to share. Let's just say 2017 is definitely our year! This month we ordered our first one-piece, three new bikinis, and men's swim. We unfortunately can't release them until all professional pictures are taken and uploaded on the site. This will be in approximately 2-3 weeks because the new styles will need to be photographed before they're ready to sell! We appreciate your patience.

Our spring collection is a limited edition. It will be available until summer of 2017. This means once it's gone, it's gone :(. So be sure to buy these limited edition bikinis before they're gone.

Also, we have our first marketing intern, Brianna Douglas! Click here to learn more about Brianna and her duties as our intern.

More exciting news! We plan on selling in local stores around Sarasota and Bradenton very soon. We will also be attending several events this spring such as the Reggae Festival in March. We are excited to set up at these events and share with our community some of our amazing products. 

Finally, we are working on uploading our new Swim Szn company logo. We can't wait for you all to see. You won't be disappointed!




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