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December 13, 2017 1 Comment

Before reading this post I want you to leave a comment below and let me know what your best tip to handling stress and keeping your cool when things get overwhelming, that way we can all have our unique ideas out there!

As everyone says, the holidays are the most stressful time of the year. You do not know what gift to get, you do not have enough money to pay for all the gifts, who's party should you go to, and a whole host of other stresses that cross our minds.

I will not lie to all of you, I AM STRESSED. Although it does not have to do with the holidays, it still sucks! I have just moved back to California and have been on the hunt for an apartment and a job. At one point I thought I found the right place and the woman shook my hand and it was all smiles. One day later i receive a messages saying "Sorry I am not going to be able to make you the tenant. Good luck." 

So now this apartment hunt is getting real. I did get a job with a huge catering company and applied to a few restaurants in person and I cannot tell you how many I applied for craigslist.

But with all of these things going on in my life that stress me and forget that I am just a little human being in this entire universe I can still remain calm and aware. 

I am going to share my three top tips on how to deal with stress.

These might seem really simple but I swear to you they will make a HUGE difference.

  1. EAT. Yep, I told you it would seem to simple. When things get hectic and flustered eating is the last thought we have. The reason why eating is so important is because we need to be putting in energy so we can exert energy. Great meals to keep yourself satiated would be peanut butter oats with agave and banana and maybe a fresh squeezed juice on the side. Another would be a burrito! Make it yourself so you can save money and have ingredients for more another day! I like to put rice, black beans, veg. refried beans, sauteed mushrooms and onions, avocado, and tomato.
  2. LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL. If I know I am going to have a packed day or I am going for interviews I rub lavender oil all over my neck, chest, and wrists. Lavender oil is a great aid to calming the mind and slowing down the breathe. Most yoga teachers will rub this oil on their students at the end of a practice to really bring them into a meditative state. It also works like a natural perfume so its always my go to!
  3. POSITIVE THINKING. The past few days I could tell my boyfriend started getting into negative thinking and thinking about all of the negative things that could come out of our situation. I have been reminding him to not let the thoughts be your main thoughts and only voice what can happen positively. This makes a big difference on how you view your situations and how you handle them in the end. You might get stuck in traffic and want to get to a store before it closes for the perfect gift right? That would suck and be soooo frustrating! But while stuck in traffic take that as a moment to listen and jam out to your favorite tunes! 

Its hard to realize that you have all of the power to control your situation and how you feel. I deal with it all of time and I cry when I am stressed or worried. But when I sit there and wonder why I feel like this I realize "oh man I only ate once today and its already 8pm" (true story aka yesterday). So when we take time to do simple tasks it makes the big and important tasks a lot easier to handle.

Be sure to leave a comment below if you already use any of these tips/tricks when combating stress.

luv n light


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1 Response

b. lynne
b. lynne

December 14, 2017

lavender always works for me. my favorite. another thing that helps is to sing. you can’t be negative when you are singing!

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