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September 30, 2017

I want to get out there. I want to learn. I want to wander. This world is massive and my biggest fear in life is that I won't get the chance to travel as much of it as I want. There is so much to see, so many lives to experience and this notion draws me to wanderlust. 

I have wanted to travel the world for as long as I can remember. My mother passed that trait onto me and my father spent most of his life in an airplane. How could they not have a daughter who wanted to travel the world? 

As of right now, the notion of traveling is difficult paired with the title of 'student.' I have classes to take, food to buy, and tuition that needs to be paid. Any ounce of currency I own goes to one of those causes. I may be starting a future for myself, but I envy the friends who have the means to explore. And although I don't have the funds now, I will someday. And someday I will look back on my list and smile because I have crossed everything off it. 

This list represents life goals for myself. This list has been manifested to spark a conversation. So as you read, let your mind wander and dream for the world is waiting for you to see.


5. Indonesia.

With the many beautiful islands that make up Indonesia, I would love to visit Bali. Bali is definitely the best place on this list for traveling on a budget. This is the place you probably have seen all over Instagram time and time again. Every time I see a photo of this beautiful island, I feel like there is something there that I'm missing out on. To be honest, it is probably the cheap food I'm missing out on more than the views. Why wouldn't you venture to another country just for the food?

4. India.

Ideally, I would love to travel all over India. There are so many beautiful sites to see and experiences to have that I couldn't settle on just one place. The desire to travel here was definitely influenced by a trip a group of guys did on YouTube called The Rickshaw Run. I watched the 4 part series with a twinkle in my eyes. It looked like such an amazing experience and like it was the best way to see a country. The more I watched the mini-series, the more I wanted to take this journey with some of my best friends myself. If you decide to watch the episodes, I promise by the end you will want to do the same.

3. Sweden.

This is a country I have wanted to visit since I was a kid. This was because my childhood best friend is Swedish. I remember going over to her house every day after school and hanging out with her family, listening to them speak Swedish. Her friendship and her family were such a massive part of my childhood that now when I hear Swedish I find comfort in the language. My best friend eventually moved back to Sweden and I have wanted to visit her ever since. I want to see the place she calls home and live in that world with her even for a short period of time.

2. South Africa.

The desire to travel to South Africa came from another YouTuber. Actually, one of the YouTubers in the Rickshaw Run mentioned above was the one who got me hooked on South Africa. I have been following YouTuber Ben Brown for quite some time and I have fallen in love with the country he calls his second home. From the hiking trails to the beautiful beaches, South Africa is gorgeous. Even though the country is English speaking, it seems vastly different from the likes of England and Australia. Overall, the continent of Africa is gorgeous. I would be happy visiting any country that lies there. 

1. Italy.

My number one must visit country had to be Italy. I am second generation Italien-American and I am quite proud of that heritage. Rome is the top of the list of cities to visit in Italy solely for the reason that I have seen ancient Greece and it is only befitting to see ancient Rome. Next, I would travel to Naples, where my grandmother grew up and then to Sicily where my grandfather was born. I also have this dream that when I visit I will find some long lost relatives who say I can visit them at any time. Honestly, I wouldn't feel right if I didn't go to Italy. I feel as though I owe it to my family to go. 


There you have it! My top five places I want to travel to! I would have added to the list France but I am already studying abroad next semester in Paris. If you have an opportunity like me to study abroad in another country at your school, take it. When are you going to get another chance to go to school in another country for the same price as going to your school in the US?

I wanna know what places you guys want to visit! Sound off in the comments below or on the Swim Szn Instagram account! We love hearing from you guys!

As for now, I will see you guys next week.



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