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December 05, 2017 1 Comment

About one year ago I began a transformation of my entire lifestyle to becoming more natural and plant based. This not only had to do with the foods I was eating but also the beauty products I was using. I decided that looking for products that were considered cruelty-free was going to be the best option. It turns out, although the product is cruelty-free it might not use the best or most natural ingredients for your body. So this is when I started my search for looking for natural products that were not only good for my body but also made my hair and skin and teeth feel best! I personally feel like I can still find some better options out there but for now I am going to share what I use almost daily and highly recommend.

  1. First one, my most favorite, that I believe is the best is Everyone Soap's Lavender and Aloe Shampoo. This shampoo is made purely from plant extracts and  essential oils. It smells absolutely amazing and seriously has a calming effect because of the lavender essential oil. I use this as my shampoo, body wash, and my face wash. Personally I have combination skin so a soap that is not harsh in drying out or over-hydrating is key.

2. Alba's Coconut Milk Hair Conditioner is by far the the best conditioner I have ever used. My hair is always sooo soft after using it, never has tangles in it, and it smells like a Hawaiian dream. Not only is it cruelty free, but it contains NO parabens and NO phthalates. Parabens are a chemical compound that is used in beauty products to reduce the risk of mold or fungus growing in them. The problem with this chemical compound is that it has been linked to the growth of breast cancer tissue. Phthalates are chemicals found in plastic that make plastic last longer and make it more durable. Which brings me to my last point on why Alba is awesome, the container the product comes in is made completely from recycled plastics!

3. Tom's Fluoride Free Toothpaste is not only key for your dental health but also your mental! There has been a lot of recent studies done on the negative effects of fluoride and how it can actually deteriorate your teeth. Fluoride is also found in most tap water which can be hard to avoid for some people, so taking it out of your toothpaste is a great idea. This next fact might be far out for some people but I highly recommend looking into the research yourself if you are skeptical. Fluoride has been known to calcify the pineal gland or also known as the third-eye. This has been studied to cause trouble sleeping at night, weight gain, early on-sett puberty in girls, and much more.

4. I love apple cider vinegar for many reasons but when it comes to beauty products I like to use it for both my skin and hair. For my skin I use half ACV and half water in a small spray bottle and lightly spritz my face and rub it in to use as a toner to balance the pH in my skin and reduce the coloring of scars. I also use this mixture as a hair detangler on the days I decide to only rinse out my hair and not use conditioner. It works like a charm, although the smell is definitely something to get used to.

Hopefully you all feel inspired to try some new products that will truly make you feel great and still look great! Taking care of your body on the outside is always just as important as taking care of your insides:)

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December 05, 2017

I love this!! I’ll definitely be trying some of these products out

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