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December 26, 2017

OK first click on this link and play this binaural beat.

These sounds are super helpful when trying to get into a meditative state and can actually replicate the same meditative effects that meditation has on the brain and body without having to close your eyes and tune out.

Alright so I wanted to provide you all an affirmation to start the New Year with in mind.

If you did not see my last blog post with the affirmation card of power, here is my little disclaimer/explanation of the cards and why/how I use them.

For the past year I have been reading affirmation cards to help myself gain more self-love as well as more guidance on how I can approach different people and situations in my life.

Affirmation cards do not tell the future or have any negative energy about them. They are simply uplifting messages to remind you on how to be the best possible human you can be. I believe they have given me a new outlook on life as well as comfort knowing that I can guide myself through life with positive messages to live by.

The card that was chosen today is INTROSPECTION. The perfect card to understand and implement into our lives as the new years starts and all of our resolutions, school, work, and social lives begin again.

"Introspection. Your angelic orientation is to find a quiet place to meditate and look inward. It is time you retired to check your life. Finding time and space for you gives you the opportunity to recover from the challenges of life, reflect on the way to walk, strengthen, and prepare for the next stage of life. In times of introspection, you can become aware of your gifts, your inner reserve and your wisdom. It is a time of healing. Cool your mind and calm your emotions. Ask for the wings of your angel to envelop you and provide you with a safe refuge where you can relax. You can hear the suggestions of your angel that will inspire you and guide you. AFFIRMATION: I claim time and space for myself."

How you interpret this affirmation will show you what needs to tended to in your life. I will give you a brief over-view at how I interpret these messages.

It is your highest-self that is calling you to take a moment and reconnect the mind, body, and soul. This can be done through meditation, yoga, binaural beats, singing bowls, etc. Taking these moments to yourself with the intention to learn from them will prepare you better for future interactions and situations. Taking time to yourself also will allow you to come in closer contact with your power or magic! We are all capable of so much as long as we believe in our-self and take time to truly see how much we have to offer. As you take these moments to yourself be sure to have the intention of finding out something new about yourself or become inspired.

Light a candle or incense and play a binaural beat, close your eyes and think about a white light surrounding you. Stay here. See yourself as the divine being that you are. Feel your power. You are a magical being with endless potential.

luv n light


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