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December 07, 2017

Today I went to a few of my favorite beaches here in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca Mexico.

When I first visited these beaches I was in awe of their beauty. Crystal clear water with gentle waves that would pull you in just by watching them. The water would come up onto the sand leaving small colorful rocks, coral, and seashells behind. As someone who loves to beach comb I was mesmerized by the beautiful treasures and the methodical sounds this beach was providing. I actually found my most favorite beach in the world here in Mexico because of how crystal clear the water was and how the little fish would swim in the shore break all around me.

But today I saw these beaches with a new point of view. I came to them to see their beauty and feel the calming energy they provide. Something was very different, today all I could notice was the small debris of trash, everywhere. I felt almost disappointed that this had happened but I have realized it was just my perception the first time I visited that I did not see what was really there. Small pieces of plastic floated by or a bottle cap would wash up onto shore or even a fellow beach goer next to me forgot to grab a fork from the restaurant they were eating at. I kept telling my boyfriend, "I wish I had gloves or a trash bag so i could collect all of this trash."

I have now, while writing this post, made the mental decision and dedication to picking up trash at whatever beach I go to. As women that love bikinis and love to go to the beach while we wear them, I believe that we should all try to make the same promise. We can enjoy our bikini lifestyle while taking care of our Mother Earth because that is what she deserves. Tomorrow I am going to bring a bag that I can collect as much trash in as possible at these same beaches since it will be my last day here. I will update this blog post after with a picture to share with all of you and hopefully inspire you to do the same.

"The ocean is yours, take care of it"

Here is what I found, lots of plastic in the water that just breaks into smaller pieces, cigarettes, tissue, cups, utensils, and some bottle caps. Most of the plastic was found floating in the water of the shore-break.

Leave a comment below if you are going to start picking up my trash when you go to the beach! By doing this another person started to pick up trash as well, we can all make a difference if we all work together.

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