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June 11, 2018

Aloha Swim Szn'ers!

Blessings from Big Island, Hawai`i. I am so excited to share some information with you that changed my life!

About two years ago I started watching YouTube videos of people who traveled all over the wold. A lot of them were at farms. The workers would work for a certain amount of hours a week and have a place to stay. Some got food, water and had really amazing adventures.

I always have wanted to go to Big Island, Hawai`i and work on a vegan farm. For the last two years many things would hold me back (mostly my thoughts). Some were I would be far away from home and my relationship or that I would not have enough money to survive. But when the opportunity came to me just two months ago, I knew I had to take it. Before I could process the journey I was about to embark on, I was on a plane with a one way ticket and only $300 to my name.

Researching work trade websites was really eye opening for me. It creates an outlet for traveling while on a budget. Divine alignment helped me find a vegan organic farm that is also a spiritual healing center. I found this transformative place using the website

People all over the world will create profiles on workaway for their farms or working opportunities. They list all of the duties you must be willing to work on, pictures of the property, background info, comments from previous workers, etc. As a worker you have to create a profile to apply to work for others. The website requires one small payment for a background check that will last for one year. This was reassuring for me personally because safety when traveling is my first concern.

Now that I have gone through that process and have experienced my first work trade, I feel very confident moving forward on this journey of traveling. Although I have only been here almost two months, this experience has totally changed my life.

I learned more about minimalism than I already know by leaving my care and apartment behind. I learned more about attachment by letting go of fear and leaving my job and putting my relationship on hold. I have learn more about my energy levels and how much time I am saving for myself.

I truly believe life is about taking the road less traveled and learning all of your lessons along the way. People will tell you "don't do this or that because I did it and it didn't work out for me." But how can we truly learn a lesson if we personally do not make the mistake ourselves? I am not saying 'oh jump off a cliff and see if your outcome is different.' No. What I am saying is never let anyone convince you to not follow your dreams because of THEIR FEARS. Being aware of when others project their fears onto your life choices will make your decision making a lot easier. I lived out of of others fears for almost two years. Finally I stopped and just followed my heart.

I have never been happier and more proud of myself. I have made so much personal growth, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I do not fear financial issues, I do not fear non-acceptance, I do not fear losing my partner, I do not fear losing myself.

I have found myself through this humanitarian work. Working 18 hours a week for a shed (just as big as a bedroom!) to live in, water to drink, and a kitchen to cook in, has been incredibly humbling. Working with nature 18 hours a week has created a stronger connection to my spirituality.

Living my life apologetically inspires me everyday. I have so many destinations in mind and I am ecstatic to see them all.

If you are interested in my journey definitely check out my Instagram linked below.

Was there anything I said that you would like expanded on? Let me know in the comments below. Lets stay connected:)



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