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July 04, 2018


Aloha Swim Szner's!

Happy July 4th! To show some appreciation for today I interviewed my very good friend, Gabriele Amber, about her journey to becoming a Health Coach and what that entails. I am really excited to bring this information forth to expand your horizon on your health goals, education, and profession.

Do you love to be fit and work out? Do you love to inspire others to become their highest and most healthy self? Do you want help staying motivated to stay on a work out plan? Then Health Coaching is a topic that you need to know about!




1. Tell me about yourself; health/fitness journey, schooling, athletics, how long health coaching, etc.


Growing up I witnessed my mom struggle for years with anorexia and poor body image. Of course I was so confused exactly why she was feeling that way and going through treatments. One thing I wasn’t confused about was knowing whole heartedly that she was drop dead beautiful in my eyes and I wished that she could see that too. As I got older, I started to understand what anorexia was. Eating healthy, having a good relationship with food and exercising was always on the forefront in my home. So I decided when I got accepted to San Diego State University that I wanted to major in Fitness and Nutrition. By my Senior year of college I had a tug on my heart that I wanted to incorporate my passion of helping women who struggle with eating disorders and negative body image. I didn’t want any more beautiful women to go through what I see my mom struggle with everyday. So I started my own health and wellness business to help all women get fit and feel fab. I started my business a year ago and I can’t wait to see where it takes me and all of the girls apart of the community!


2. What is health coaching?


Health and fitness coaching to me is having a community, a support system of women all going through their own journey. We come together on the commonality that we all want to be the best version of ourselves- mind, body & soul. While I provide amazing fitness and nutrition plans that’s just the surface. True health is about mental AND physical fitness. You can have your dream body, but if internally you don’t feel fabulous and know your worth then the exterior won’t matter. As a health coach (fit bestie, I like to keep it informal!), I text my girls and support them 1:1. I FaceTime my girls to talk goals & to have virtual sweat sessions!



3. How did you get into/find health coaching?


I got into health coaching my Junior year of college when I had gained 20 lbs from not taking care of myself during college- too much partying, not enough sleep that sort of thing. I tried the gym thing and I wasn’t seeing results and I didn’t enjoy my workouts. So I found a women named Niki on Instagram who was doing these at home workouts and following doable nutrition plans (NOT DIETS, if you know me I don’t believe in diets). She made a post about how she was an online health and fitness coach and I reached out to her because I was so intrigued. She popped me into a Facebook group where I got all the info about what she did and I joined her fit fam!


4. How do you help your clients?


I help my clients by getting them started on a fitness and nutrition program tailored to their goals and lifestyle. Fitness and health is not one size fits all. So I’m huge on choosing a fitness program that will enjoy and be excited to do! Fitness and eating healthy should be fun and make you feel amazing- if it doesn’t you need a new plan! I also set them up with incredible supplements to help them feel even more amazing! From Superfoods shakes, all natural preworkout, post workout, energy bars etc. Then they are added into my Babe Bootcamp! Which is a group of women all working on their health & fitness together! We share, post and motivate one another to help navigate through this crazy life.


5. What has been your biggest accomplishment so far as a health coach?


My biggest accomplishment as a health coach so far would definitely be the genuine friendships I’ve made through doing this. It’s connected me to girls that I probably would of never connected with if it wasn’t for them joining our fit fam. And of course it’s been incredible seeing girls results! It fills my heart with pure happiness when I get a text of their before and after pics and they thank me because they have never felt better- it almost brings me to happy tears just thinking about it.


6. Do you see yourself working in this field for the rest of your career?


At first I was doing it as a hobby because it was a lot of fun and I was able to incorporate all things I am passionate about. Now, a year later I am ready to dive in a do this full time. This is my jam, this is my career destiny!


7. Would you recommend becoming a health coach to just anyone? if not, why?


I DO believe everyone can do it, no matter where you are at in your life. Sharing on social media our personal journeys is inspiring and will resonate with your people. It’s not just about sharing your workouts and supplements and getting people to start a fitness journey. It’s about being a cheerleader for life to other women who vibe with you! It’s about community and empowering other women and think we can all do that and use a little more of that in our lives.



8. What is your favorite part of being a health coach so far?


My fav part of this health and wellness business so far is the freedom I have. I have the freedom to utilize all my passions. I have the freedom to be creative with my Babe Bootcamps and my posts. I have time freedom to work when and wherever I want. I have the freedom to live life by design, I call the shots. It’s so empowering to feel limitless and that’s what health coaching has given me. And my absolute FAVORITE part is it’s given my skills of healthy living that I can share with so many women. I’ve never felt this healthy, confident, and in control of my life...and it’s only the beginning! I want to give this gift to other women!


Be sure to give Gabby a follow on Instagram! She posts on her story every day with many motivational videos of herself working out, her healthy meals, and others who are involved in her Health Coaching community, plus more!


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