About Us

Swim Szn is an online swimwear boutique that was created in 2016. We find unique, stylish, and top quality bikinis, and offer them to our Swim Szn customers. Swim Szn has one goal in mind, to provide high quality swim wear and to exceed customer service expectations. We are 100% confident that the quality of our products will not disappoint.

Our priority is always you, our customer! Swim Szn is based out of Southern California. Our team is located throughout the United States, primarily California and Florida. We dedicate ourselves to bringing you the best fashionable looks at affordable prices. Today, Swim Szn is giving its full on effort to get our incredible apparel into your hands and to make you a part of our Swim Szn family. We move forward and thrive every day by providing not only great products, but also great content to our Swim Szn community on a regular basis. 

Our mission is to support and represent diversity. Swim Szn recognize’s that every body is beautiful. Swim Szn wants everyone to feel comfortable in their own skin! No matter what color your skin is, or where you come from, we want you to be apart of our family. We welcome you to the Swim Szn family! 



Pictured above is Swim Szn CEO Spencer Hosking

Spencer manages marketing, order fulfilment, ambassador outreach, web design, and product sourcing.

Business inquiries: spencerjhosking@gmail.com


Swim Szn Hours: 
Mon-Fri: 9:00am-5:00pm PST